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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

Not many people know what exactly end of tenancy cleaning is, so here we have defined it for you. End of tenancy cleaning includes deep cleaning the entire property and not leaving any nook or cranny unclean. It is for both tenant and landlord. End of tenancy cleaning for tenants is essential because it is crucial to leave the place spotless as your deposit depends on this.

For landlords it is crucial to have a clean property, because it's harder to get a tenant when you have an unclean situation going on in your property.

End of tenancy cleaning Pimlico is great for you if you are a landlord or a tenant and want the property to be nice and clean.

Things Included in End of Tenancy Cleaning

Almost all the end of tenancy cleaning companies have similar agendas, but here are some of the exclusive services that only deep cleaning Pimlico can provide:

  • We provide thorough cleaning and dusting of the cobwebs from walls, including every corner of the walls, and the ceilings.
  • We make sure that all your door handles, frames, and doors are cleaned.
  • Apart from doors we also make sure to keep your light shade, fittings, and switches are spotless clean.
  • End of tenancy cleaning Pimlico will provide cleaning for all the skirting boards. We even make sure that underneath your furniture everything is shiny and clean.
  • It is our responsibility to clean your windows and window sills.
  • We make sure that your furniture is polished and furnish.
  • We also disinfect and clean your kitchen.
  • Moving in cleaning Pimlico will provide you with the best cleaning when you move in to your new place.
  • Moving out cleaning Pimlico will give you the best services when you decide to leave a place so that your current place is shiny clean for the next people.
  • Apart from all these services professional carpet cleaning Pimlicowill make your place brighter by hovering your carpet.
  • Oven cleaning Pimlico helps you make the most essential equipment tidy and clean. It includes cleaning of oven walls, handles, and cooking trays.

What would it cost you?

In many cases, the major question ends up being of the cost. It depends on how many rooms or bathrooms you are going to get cleaned by us, we don't charge per square foot. To make the entire procedure more accurate and easier for you, you can get a cleaning estimate using our cost calculator.

More than often people want to plan ahead of time, which is why the cost calculator is great tool to have at your disposal. Knowing exactly how much you will be spending on each service is going to help you be satisfied and also get you an optimized result.

End of tenancy cleaning is not easy for either tenants or landlords. It is essential that you have it sorted out beforehand. If you are a tenant you must want no troubles with your deposit back, and for a landlord it's a matter of saving your property to get a new tenant.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Pimlico Prices

Property Type Excluding professional carpet cleaning Including professional carpet cleaning
Studio Flat From £95 From £125
1 Bedroom property From £145 From £175
2 Bedroom property From £165 From £195
3 Bedroom Property From £195 From £225

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