Pricing guide

We offer simple flat pricing for end of tenancy cleaning based on the size of the home and the number of bedrooms.

Here is our regular price range per bedrooms:

End Of Tenancy / Move Out - in Cleaning Prices London

Property Type Excluding professional carpet cleaning Including professional carpet cleaning
Studio Flat From £95 From £125
1 Bedroom property From £145 From £175
2 Bedroom property From £165 From £195
3 Bedroom Property From £195 From £225

The cleaning time listed for each flat-rate cleaning package is an estimate. Your cleaning may take more or less time than estimated.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Is your tenancy coming to an end? Do you want to know how much it costs for a professional to come in and clean the premises so you could get your deposit back in full? If your answer is yes, you’ve to the perfect place.

Cleaning Estimate is a professional company offering a broad spectrum of end of tenancy cleaning services in London. Whether you’re a tenant or landlord, you possibly understand how difficult and exhausting it is to clean the entire house and prepare it for new occupants.

We at Cleaning Estimate provide our clients with reliable and specialized cleaning services when you move in or move out. You can also use of cost calculator to get an instant price estimate.

Our Prices For Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

Our end of tenancy cleaning prices are amongst the best available in the market, and they reflect the top-notch and superior cleaning our teams conduct as well as the quality equipment and materials they utilize. We will provide a customized quote, which will be modified to your individual requirements, allowing you to pay only for what you receive.

Factors the Determine Our Prices

We understand every company has fixed rates for particular services. However, some factors can influence pricing. We can categorize them together in the following:

  • Size of your Property

Your house cleaning will be different depending on how big your property is. The larger the apartment, the higher the cost. It matters whether a single or three-bedroom space is cleaned. It also matters the number of bathrooms available on the property.

In any case, you can ask our team to conduct a free inspection, especially if your home is big. It will allow you to learn ahead of time how much the cleaning service will cost you.

  • Level of Contamination

If your property is dirtier and messier than average, it would be logical to be charged more than the average rate. Bear in mind that the end of tenancy cleaning is not an average dusting, wiping and vacuuming. It encompasses a thorough, detailed, deep cleaning of any dirty areas in your property.

Therefore, you’ll need to pay a bit more than the normal price for this kind of cleaning, especially if you haven’t cleaned your stove for almost two years, and when the floor and walls in your kitchen keep the memory of all the meals you’ve prepared.

  • Extra Services

As stated above, carpet cleaning isn’t included in the standard price, and it’s charged extra. Another service not covered in our end of tenancy cleaning service is upholstery cleaning. Thus, it’s good to understand what services are included and if it’s needed to request an extra service.

There you have it, our end of tenancy cleaning prices! Are you now ready to start your end of tenancy cleaning project? If so, call us today at 0744620842144 to start a free consultation!

What we can't clean

Exterior windows, Animal waste, Mold removal, Industrial cleaning, Lifting of heavy items, Surfaces above arms reach, High ceiling fans