Service Updates During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For most homeowners and businesses, the safety and well-being of their families and staff are of utmost importance.

Amid the coronavirus and increasing hygienic concerns, what added precautionary measures should people take to safeguard the healthy integrity of their surroundings? Is it okay to hire cleaners and welcome them into your home amid the pandemic?

Cleaners are among those who can go to work so long as they take the necessary precautions and follow proper social distancing protocols. This post aims to shed light to common questions concerning if cleaners are allowed to work.

Rules for Domestic Cleaners During Lockdown

Working in somebody else’s home or property needs workers to share space along with other people. However, there are some rules you can keep yourself and residents of the home as safe as possible:

Always practice physical distancing

Try to clean at least six feet away from any of the people within the home. For instance, you can clean while they are at work, or when they take a walk.

Wear masks

Wear a cloth mask over your mouth and nose, especially if you cannot physically distance yourself. Remember that a mask safeguards other people more than it safeguards you. It will help if everyone in the home wears them.

Exercise face and hand hygiene

Stay away from touching your face while you are in the home. Always exercise frequent hand washing as well. Make sure you wash your hands when you enter and before leaving.

Always keep the surfaces clean

Light switches, doorknobs, countertops—any surface that is often touched should be often cleaned. Alcohol, soap, and most household cleaners are efficient against the virus that causes the coronavirus.

Does your work entail wearing gloves or cleaning the bathroom? Then make sure you continue wearing them. But take note that glove-wearing is often done improperly and that viruses could be spread by people who are not changing them or washing their hands before and after using them.

Gloves are never a replacement for hand hygiene. That is why anyone who wears gloves should clean their hands first after removing such gloves.

Can Cleaners Come to Your House During Lockdown?

Yes, of course. The UK government has made it clear that domestic cleaners can work inside other people’s homes if the government guidelines on staying safe and social distancing are all followed.

Here at Cleaning Estimate, we always supply our professional and trusted cleaners with a set of comprehensive guidelines to follow during their arranged cleaning visits.

Can Domestic Cleaners Work During Lockdown?

Yes, they can, but there are a few exceptions. Domestic cleaners will not be able to enter individuals’ homes on the shield list unless the job is to increase their safety as they isolate. Individuals on this list are considered vulnerable to the virus.

The guidance mentions that no work must be done within a household that is isolating, as one or more family members has symptoms or where a person has been recommended to shield—unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the household’s safety.

Nonetheless, cleaners are permitted to work within the home of vulnerable people but have not been requested to shield if precautions are properly taken.

When working within a household where someone is clinically vulnerable but has not been requested to shield, prior arrangements must be made with these people to prevent any face-to-face contact, such as answering the door.

Cleaners must be strict about coughing, sneezing, and handwashing hygiene, like disposing of single-use tissues and covering your nose and mouth.

What are the Government Guidelines for Domestic Cleaners?

Government guidelines say that domestic cleaners are still allowed to work in homes in the UK throughout the lockdown. However, households should comply along with the guidelines as private and public venues, including enhanced hygiene measures and social distancing.

The guidance also states that cleaners must guarantee the household knows that hygiene measures and social distancing should be followed once has work has started. Further, domestic cleaners must strive to lower the amount of time spend within a confined area where possible.

Such restrictions do not apply to live-in cleaners, which must be considered a member of the household they work on. Domestic cleaners must also display each of the household waste and cleaning the products on the property. It is worth mentioning that cleaners should not go to work if they have any symptoms of the virus.

The government mentions that the guidance applies to all working in, delivering to, or visiting home environments such as fitters, repair services, plumbers, cooks, meter readers, visiting childcare providers, and even surveyors.

Can Cleaners Work in Private Houses During Lockdown?

Cleaners are explicitly allowed to work in private houses under the going to work lockdown rules. They can do so when they must work in other people’s homes like tradespeople, cleaners, or nannies.

At Cleaning Estimate, we have integrated government safety guidelines in all our cleaning operations. We have also suggested extra cleaning and safety measures always to keep our cleaners and clients safe.

Can I Have a Cleaner in my House During Lockdown?

Yes, you can. But it will help if you discuss with the person working in your home the safety precautions, they are taking to keep everybody safe. Regularly touched regions must be cleaned and sanitized, not to mention you should always keep socially distancing measures.

You will find a government guidance on working safely in other people’s homes. If you are somebody in your household or the cleaners cleaning in your home has symptoms of the COVID-19 or are self-isolating, they must not continue working until the self-isolation time is finished.

Are you considered more vulnerable to severe conditions from the virus? Maybe you are over seventy years old or shielding? Then you must take added precautions and ensure anyone working within your home is fully aware that you are a higher risk.

At Cleaning Estimate, we will always monitor the situation and present new safety cleaning measures, as necessary. Please let us know if you have any concerns. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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