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End Of Tenancy / Move Out-In Cleaning

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Professional Carpet, Sofa, Upholstery Cleaning

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End Of Tenancy / Move In-Out / After Builders & Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost Calculator

Do you want to know how much it will cost you to clean your property? Utilise our simple-to-use and practical house cleaning cost calculator to determine how much it will cost you to have your property cleaned by our cleaning professionals. Our end of tenancy / move in, move out / post construction & professional carpet cleaning price calculator is composed of considerations for various hourly rates, rooms to clean, frequency, and cleaning quality.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Our best end of tenancy cleaning prices are based on size of your property, if you want know about our after builders, deep cleaning & professional carpet cleaning prices you can check out our cleaning services page for more details.

Here at Cleaningestimate.co.uk, we do not do the end of tenancy or other cleaning services cost on every square foot to calculate our end of tenancy cleaning / deep service. We do it by a basic calculation of how many room and baths your property has.

The majority of house cleaning services utilise a more outdated way of coming up with their end of tenancy cleaning price list. Our goal is to make our prices easy to understand and transparent for our customers.

To get an end of tenancy cleaning online quote for your specific home, just choose how many bedroom and bathroom your property has. Then, select the price button. Doing this will offer you a precise cost even if your property is a studio apartment, single-family home, apartment or condominium.

Based on our comprehensive experience in the cleaning sector, we suggest a minimum of two hours for homes with one to two bedrooms, three hours for property with three bedrooms and four hours for four bedrooms and five hours for five bedrooms and so on.

Our experienced end of tenancy cleaners have a great understanding of what real estate agents, property owners and landlords seek for in a rental condition report. We provide a full refund guarantee as part of our service.

Take note that your landlord might not return your bond if they are not happy with the condition of the property after the lease expires. That’s why an end of tenancy cleaning is very crucial.

Since it’s your money at stake, it’s best to understand the primary considerations when identifying the cost of end of lease cleaning.

  • The Complexity of the Job

The cost of cleaning will be less costly if the property does not need extensive work.

  • Equipment

Expect to spend more if your end of tenancy cleaning work needs special cleaning materials and tools.

  • Timeline

The time takes to finish a cleaning work, the price of cleaning it will be less costly.

  • Size of the Property

A larger property will be more costly to clean than a small property. For example, if you have a 3-bedroom unit, you would have to shell out a larger amount because cleaning the whole place will take more time. Nevertheless, cleaning it up could be faster if you have a small studio flat.

  • Labour Expenses

Some job needs more than two individuals. In that case, you need to prepare for greater costs you’d have to pay for more cleaners.

Are you ready to know you end of tenancy cleaning cost? Feel free to use our calculator cost and call us today to get a free consultation.

Professional Carpet Cleaning London

Are you a Londoner seeking for professional carpet cleaning services? Then your hunt is over at this spot. We are your one-stop-shop for all your carpet cleaning needs. We like to offer rigorous care to your precious upholstery and rug items.

Your carpets are a significant investment made from the quality and most delicate fabrics, which need utmost maintenance and safety. Rather than using toxic and harsh cleaning products, it’s better to say hello to the professionals of Company who offer comprehensive and detailed carpet cleaning services in London.

We utilize advanced techniques and tools, which are safe and can extract any grime, dirt, and dust. All the cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly and make your carpets supple, clean, fresh, and soft. You’ll feel pampered with the services offered by our team, as you and your carpets both deserve the spa day too.

A clean home is always a happy home. Call us to get started!

Deep House Cleaning

We understand the stress and hassle, which goes into searching for a cleaning professional to keep up your living, business, or even event space. Our team has worked hard to put together a team of dedicated professionals that knows the value of people’s cleaning needs. We work so hard to keep and offer our cleaners the best benefits you can be guaranteed you have a partner that listens and cares for you.

We offer a safe, healthy, and inviting space with our deep cleaning service for your residential or commercial building in London. Deep cleaning is an inclusive top-to-bottom cleaning of your property. It is composed of all the services of an average clean, but you might have forgotten to clean over time with more attention to places.

It is a more meticulous cleaning, which needs going beyond attention to detail. Our deep cleaning experts know where to concentrate their efforts, whether that corner you haven’t tried cleaning for months or under your bed.

We will prepare your home for hassle-free cleanings in the future too. Call us today to get started!

After Builders / Post-Construction Cleaning

For property management companies, builders, contractors, and homeowners, we offer post-construction cleaning. Our after builders cleaning services will enable you to go on to the next stage whether you are anticipating enjoying your newly revamped home or merely relocating to your new apartment.

Indeed, even the smallest renovation jobs could leave a mess. Those little bits of sawdust, dirt, and dust always stay at the end of a new remodel or build. Cleaning them up could be time-consuming. Choosing these services means you don’t need to stress or labor over cleaning every nook and cranny.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Property Type Excluding professional carpet cleaning Including professional carpet cleaning
Studio Flat From £95 From £125
1 Bedroom property From £145 From £175
2 Bedroom property From £165 From £195
3 Bedroom Property From £195 From £225

Average hourly rate for house cleaning uk 2021

The average per hour rates for general cleaning in London are between 10-15£, but if you need deep cleaning then charges can be betweeen 17 to 20 pounds per hour. In London per hour rates for cleaning services are higher than other cities in the UK.

How much does a deep home cleaning cost?

It entirely depends on the area of your house that you want to be cleaned. If we make a rough estimation, we can say that a deep home cleaning can cost more than £ 100. It can be either £ 150 or above £ 200. It all depends on the area and the stuff to be cleaned.

What is included in a deep clean?

Deep cleaning is just like a basic clean up but with the in-depth details. In a deep cleaning, we hint for the dust mites behind the furniture and cabinets in the home's small corners. Not even a single corner is ignored in deep cleaning.

How long does it take to clean a 4-bedroom house?

If the house is not that much messy or dirty, 4 hours is enough time for deep cleaning the house. But, if the house is very blotchy, it may take more time to make it uncluttered. So, it all depends on the condition of the house before cleaning.

How do you deep clean a house in 2 hours?

We have to manage the entire time and make a schedule for each task. We will divide the whole cleaning task into subtask by assigning them a proper time limit. We will follow that time limit to achieve the goal of deep clean a house in 2 hours.

What should a cleaner do in 2 hours?

If a cleaner is given 2 hours to clean a house, he/she should follow the following task list:
  • Wash towels and bathmats in 10 minutes.
  • Mopping the entire floor in 40 minutes
  • Clean all the bathtubs and shower in 20 minutes.
  • Clean the fridge and microwave in no more than 20 minutes.
  • Clean the entrance closet in 20 minutes.
  • Clean all the mirrors in 10 minutes.

What is the fastest way to clean the whole house?

Deep cleaning can't be done quickly because deep cleaning is a time-consuming task. But if we talk about quick basic cleaning, you can do it by mopping the floor dusting the furniture. In this quick basic cleaning, you don't have to deep clean the surfaces, which needs more time.

How do I deep clean my house in one day?

If you don't hire a cleaning agency, it can be a challenging task to deep clean your house in one day. But you can divide the whole task into subtasks, and between starting a new subtask, you should take a break for 15-20 minutes to avoid fatigue. Begin from changing the sheets off beds, and end up mopping the floor so that no dust marks are left on the floor.

When cleaning a house, where do you start?

So first of all, you should start cleaning your home from making the beds. Change all the liners of the bed and then do some other thing. Get rid of all the clutter that is messing up around the home. In this way, you will be free while cleaning.

How can I deep clean my house in a week?

A week is enough time for deep cleaning the house. You can divide the entire deep cleaning process into the days, and then follow them. For example, you can deep clean one room at a day and the other one the next day. In this way, you will spend enough time cleaning one room.
Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning London
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