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End of tenancy cleaning is a tedious and hectic job that is tough to do just on your own, it have a lot of little and big details so you must find a professional someone to get it done.

We aren't saying that it is impossible to do by yourself, however, in the midst of all the moving in and moving out chaos there are a lot of other important things that demand your attention. To make sure everything else is being done nicely along with cleaning, you need an expert like end of tenancy cleaning Harrow. We are doing the best in services, and there is no reason that you shouldn't choose us.

Services that we provide

There are a number of services that end of tenancy cleaning Harrow is providing you with. It includes

  1. Thorough over-all cleaning of the entire place with deep cleaning Harrow.
  2. When you move in to a new place, you want your place to be spotlessly shiny. Move in cleaning Harrow makes sure it does.
  3. Similarly, moving out from a place requires a lot of cleaning as well, because you can only leave the place and get your deposit if the place you are leaving is cleaned just as you got it.
  4. The services end of tenancy cleaning Harrow provides are majorly based on the things that a landlord looks for when their tenant is leaving to give them their deposit. In case, the tenant hasn't done proper cleaning, their deposit is cut equally to the amount that the landlord will have to give for all the damage and maintenance.

We realize it is not easier to do it on your own, but with an expert help like ours, we believe you can get your deposit if you are a tenant, and if you are a landlord who shared places, we have good deals for you as well.

In-depth knowledge of the services we provide

  • Cleaning the windows and window sills, from inside and outside.
  • Cleaning of door, door handles, and door frames.
  • Cleaning and wiping of the floor, it includes mopping and washing.
  • Professional carpet cleaning Harrow makes sure that your carpet is extremely dirt free. We all know how carpets can give rise to a lot of microorganisms if they are left unclean. It is a matter of health so please make sure it is cleaned thoroughly.
  • Oven cleaning harrow is here to help you with all kinds of oven cleaning. It majorly includes: cooking trays, oven handles, oven top, and oven sides.
  • We make sure to remove all the cobwebs from your place.
  • Dusting and cleaning of places that are hidden by your furniture by removing them.
  • Dusting and cleaning of the entire place.

Our cost calculator will help you get a cleaning estimate so that you exactly know how much you are going to spend on your end of tenancy cleaning. We are a reasonable company, and don't charge per square foot. Instead, we charge per rooms and bathrooms at your place.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Harrow Prices

Property Type Excluding professional carpet cleaning Including professional carpet cleaning
Studio Flat From £95 From £125
1 Bedroom property From £145 From £175
2 Bedroom property From £165 From £195
3 Bedroom Property From £195 From £225

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