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Cleaning the oven is one of those household chores that can be a bit time consuming and frustrating at the same time. Fortunately, some dedicated specialists are specializing in turning grime into clean. In this oven cleaning cost guide, you will discover the average oven cleaning prices for professional oven cleaners.

Are you fed up and getting tired with your oven looking messy and dirty? Maybe it started affecting the overall taste of your food. Are you moving out of your rented property? Whatever the case, it is time to get your oven cleaned professionally.

It’s about time you let your local oven cleaning company do the dirty work so you can concentrate on enjoying cooking using a sparkling and clean oven.

Should You Consider Hiring a Professional Oven Cleaning Company to Clean the Oven?

Have you never tried to DIY your oven cleaning? If yes, then you will understand how a messy job it that is could take hours! You’ll have to bend yourself into a strange position, often utilize harsh chemicals and put up with a strong smell.

If you have been putting off and delaying cleaning the oven for too long, it might be about time to get a professional to do a thorough and proper cleaning.

The good thing about oven cleaning services is that they will help you to:

  • lower oven fumes and smoking
  • help your food to taste better
  • save energy by enhancing efficiency
  • stop fires from accumulating food and grease remains
  • help your oven to function better

Further, you will also hire a professional oven company as part of your end of tenancy clean to ensure you receive your bond back.

What are the Benefits of Getting Oven Cleaner Services?

Oven cleaning is perhaps one of the most time-consuming and hated cleaning endeavours. Not most people like to spend their free time gulping oven cleaning fumes and getting their hands dirty. If you utilise your ovens regularly, then you know it requires cleaning as regular as possible.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional oven cleaning company today.

We have the proper cleaning tools

Getting a professional oven cleaning service can be your best decision except if you feel self-assured taking the oven door glass off to tidy and clean in between the glass. Another thing is finding trays or a sink large enough to fit the oven grills because they require a good soak in a warm soapy water.

Professionals can easily dismantle the fan and clean it more easily than you would have. Remember that having your oven carefully cleaned on a regular basis won’t break your bank either.

It lowers health and fire hazards

Dirt and grease built up around the internal fan and hobs increase the risk of fire and the number of bacteria in your oven. That is not the perfect scenario for cooking food. That’s why regular oven cleaning will avoid the accumulation of dirt and grease. Hence, it stops the growth of bacteria and the risk of fire.

It supports healthy food quality

Remember that cooking food in a dirty oven substantially lowers the overall food quality, as the heat isn’t properly distributed evenly. Moreover, there are old cooking spiling and grease evaporating into the same atmosphere as your cooking dinner. On the other hand, foods cooked in a clean oven will taste the best.

It helps lower your energy bills

There’s no doubt that a clean oven could save you money on your energy bills, as it takes less time to heat to the preferred temperature, which makes it more effective and efficient. That will also lower usage time, saving money and energy.

In addition, having a clean oven door will enable you to see through the glass, so you don’t need to keep opening the door to check on the food. Remember that opening the door enables a huge amount of heat to escape, forcing the oven to partially re-heat and consuming more energy. Regular oven clean counts as maintenance, guaranteeing a smooth running and good condition of the oven.

It saves you precious time

Do you want to clean your oven carefully and thoroughly? Then take note that it will not be one of those 10-minute chores. It will more likely take you all afternoon. You could be spending that precious time with your family or chilling. Employing a professional oven cleaning cleaner will free up your time.

How Much Does Oven Cleaning Cost?

Keep in mind that an average oven cleaning for a single oven in London will cost approximately £50. Nonetheless, you will find a set of factors that can influence the oven cleaning prices of a professional oven cleaning service.

These factors include the following:

Oven type

Remember that all ovens may vary when it comes to home simple, they are to clean and how long it will take to get the work done.

Single oven

Single ovens are what most London homeowners have in their kitchens. A single oven is a type of oven with at least sixty centimetres tall and are slotted at eye level or under countertops.

Cleaning a single oven is the most straightforward and comes along with the lowest price tag. For one to two hours of cleaning, the average cleaning cost for a single oven is £50.

Double oven

A double oven is created for entertaining and cooking, offering more versatility for cooking. A double oven is a type of oven which is normally installed at an eye level and measure at least ninety centimetres high.

Normally, double oven cookers are relatively easy to clean, but a double oven could take longer and cost more due to their size.

A double oven can take at least one to two hours of cleaning and may cost £70.

Range cooker

If you didn’t know yet, a range cooker combines a hob and oven in one and is normally larger than a standard oven. Most range cookers has two ovens and separate grills, warming drawers, and often even storage compartments.

Cleaning range cookers take a much longer time and cost more than standard ovens because of their more complicated structure and bigger size. It takes two to three hours to clean, and the average cleaning cost in London is £90.


You will find five common types of hobs in London homes such as electric, domino, induction, gas, and ceramic. The cleaning procedure will differ slightly between these types of hobs but should typically be performed in less than an hour, whichever hob you have.

Oven size

The overall size of your oven will influence the total price of cleaning it. For instance, ovens seen in London homes are more likely to be smaller than those in restaurants.

Leven of cleaning needed

Note that the amount of dirt and grease inside your oven will influence how much it costs to thoroughly clean it.

Our team of professional oven cleaner have a strong eye for detail. That’s why they would like to ensure your oven is left twinkling clean. Further, the time it takes to get there may vary on what we’re starting with.


One of the essential factors that will impact the average oven cleaning cost in the UK is the geographical location.

Costs are more likely to be greater in the east part of England and Greater London than in Scotland and the North West.

On top of that, it is worth getting different quotes to obtain the best oven cleaning price list from a professional oven cleaner near you.


Most oven cleans can take between one to three hours to complete. The more complicated the trade, the higher the overall price will be. Your oven cleaner may bill as a fixed fee or on an hourly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions on Oven Cleaning Prices in London

Is it okay to clean my oven all by myself?

Of course, it is. Nonetheless, it is unlikely that you’ll reach the same level of cleanliness that our professional oven cleaning service can provide for the cost. Also, it will take you a long time as you will not have the proper cleaning agents or tools to do a detailed job.

How much does an oven cleaning cost? What are the factors that impact the cost of cleaning your oven?

As you can tell from the oven cleaning price list above, the cost of oven cleaning services can often vary from £50 to £100 or more. Here are some of the factors that might increase or decrease the average cost of your oven cleaning needs:

  • whether you need it cleaned on a weekday or weekend
  • how urgently do you need to clean your oven
  • how easy or difficult it is to access your oven and get the job completed
  • your location or suburb
  • whether you will present the supplies and equipment
  • any extras such as BBQ, range hood, or stovetop
  • how detailed clean is (you can expect to pay more if you want a deep clean)
  • how long since it was cleaned
  • the age of your oven (older ovens may require extra
  • care and may not be applicable for all cleaning products)
  • if it is a minor job that will only take a few minutes or if they require half a day or more.
  • Can you clean an oven without using any chemicals?

    Are you sensitive to certain cleaning products? If yes, you can specify in your ad which ingredients and products you would prefer. For instance, a customer asked for oven cleaning with only vinegar, Coca-Cola, bicarbonate soda, and lemon juice. On the other hand, you can also supply cleaning products you know you will not react to. If you wish to prevent strong chemicals, you may need to allow the oven cleaning professionals to finish the task.

    How long does it take to clean an oven?

    Normally, oven cleaning takes at least one to two hours. Bear in mind that the timeframe will vary on the overall condition of the oven, how long it has been since it was last cleaned, your experience, and your equipment.

    How to hire an oven cleaning cleaner?

    You will find a few crucial steps you need to consider when choosing a professional oven cleaning company. Here are some of them.

  • Speak to your local oven clean professionals for accurate oven cleaning price list and advice.
  • Ask if they provide chemical-free or eco-friendly oven cleaning services.
  • Ask for a comprehensive quote, so you know what the oven cleaning average cost include, such as hood, hob, or racks.
  • When choosing a professional contractor, ensure you check whether they are insured, licensed, and bonded.
  • Find out how long the oven clean job will take and how long before you can start using your oven again
  • Make sure you always shop around to get competitive and fair oven cleaning prices.
  • Should you consider getting oven cleaning services in London?

    If you do not prefer cleaning your oven or just lack the motivation or time, then employing an expert to clean it for you is surely worth it. You can arrange a clean whenever it suits you, which make professional cleaning a flexible service. The best part about it is that your kitchen will surely thank you for it. All with zero effort needed!

    Are You Ready to Get Your Oven Cleaned?

    Does your oven in London need cleaning, but you don’t like to be the one doing it? We do not blame you. Fret not because help is always at hand.

    The combination of high temperature while cooking and food spilling over the side means your oven will become dirty soon. Not just are dirty ovens unsightly, but they can pose safety and health risks as well.

    You may be tempted to clean the oven on your own, but it can be tough to get rid of the stubborn stains without the proper equipment and procedures.

    Our team at Cleaning Estimate is right here to help you! It’s about time you get the proper kind of clean that only comes from a team of experts. To avail of our deep oven cleaning services, visit our website to get an online quote.

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