Average Hourly Rate For House Cleaning UK

How much does it cost to professionally clean a house UK?

We understand that life can get really busy sometimes and leave you with no time and energy to clean your own house. Thankfully, you can call a professional cleaner anytime to get your house cleaned. Even if you can clean your house yourself, it does not mean that you should. Sometimes, you should let a professional take charge. This is important because, in some cases, a professional cleaner is the only solution.

Of course, if you’re going to call a pro to clean your house, you’ll need to pay them. You cannot expect a cleaner to charge you the same no matter where you are in the UK. Naturally, there are a lot of factors that determine the cost of hiring a cleaner in the UK. Therefore, the average hourly rates of a UK professional cleaner can vary significantly. To get an instant cost estimate use our cost calculation tool and to find out how much should I pay my cleaner?

That being said, it is better to have an idea of the cost before you hire a professional cleaning service in the UK. This will allow you to understand if you can even afford to hire a service person or not. Depending on a multitude of factors, the average cost of hiring a cleaner in the UK can vary from £8 per hour to over £20 per hour. Since there are tons of factors at play here, it is nearly impossible to give only one range of the average hourly rate for house cleaning in the UK. So according to another source, this price range can start from £10 per hour and end at £95 per hour.

Self-employed cleaner hourly rate uk

The hourly rate for a self-employed cleaner in the UK can vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and the type of cleaning services being offered. On average, self-employed cleaners in the UK charge around £12-£15 per hour.

However, some cleaners may charge more or less depending on their level of experience and the specific services they offer. It's always best to check with the cleaner for their current hourly rate.

Factors that affect the average hourly rate for house cleaning in the UK

1. Type of Cleaner

There are two types of professional house cleaners in the UK. The first type is the cleaner that works through a local agency. These cleaners are more likely to be equipped with proper tools and products by their agency. In addition to that, they may even be specially trained for their job.

In contrast, there’s the second type of cleaners that work independently. Since, in this case, huge capital is not involved; these cleaners tend not to have high-end equipment or appropriate training. They may, however, be experienced and thus skilled. Comparatively, these professionals tend to be affordable. Depending on whom you hire, you may have to pay an amount between £10 to £15 per hour. If you wish to hire an independent cleaner with a low rate, you can go for someone young and inexperienced.

You can easily guess that hiring a cleaner from an agency costs more. In this case, the average hourly rate for house cleaning can be somewhere between £12 and £20 per hour. Of course, if you go for a leading company, the prices may be higher. For example, there are a number of companies that charge more than even £20 per hour. With an agency, you can get the option of hiring multiple cleaners, which is obviously going to cost a little extra.

2. Location

Some cities tend to be more expensive as compared to others. For example, if you live in London or the South East, the cost of hiring a cleaner will be higher as compared to that of other cities. There are several reasons for this. For instance, a more advanced city is more likely to have better cleaners and agencies, which are more costly. Other than that, the cost of living is higher in bigger cities.

Additionally, your location matters in one more way. How far you live from the agency or the cleaner you’re hiring decides the overall price, too. If the professional has to travel hours to reach their office and then your home, you should expect a higher hourly rate.

3. Area of Cleaning

The hourly price rate heavily depends on how much area or how many rooms you want to have cleaned. Of course, if you want your whole house cleaned, it would take a lot of time, manpower, and supplies. So of course the price would be high. If you only want your living room to be cleaned, the hourly price rate would be much less.

4. Number of Bathrooms To Be Cleaned

If you have ever cleaned a bathroom yourself, you probably know that they are much harder to clean than a regular room. It is common knowledge that cleaning a bathroom takes extra time, energy, and most importantly chemicals. This is primarily due to the fact that bathrooms get unsanitary and unclean very quickly.

For these reasons, if you want a cleaner to clean your bathroom(s), the price rate will understandably be higher. The same rule applies to other rooms that are unusually dirty and call for a lot of extra tools, labour, chemicals, and time.

5. Pets

Owning a pet is delightful but the presence of one will increase the average hourly rate for house cleaning in the UK. You can be sure about this addition if you have carpeting all around your house. Cats and dogs roam around the house all day and make the floor dustier.

Apart from that, like humans, animals naturally shed their hair too. As a result, with a pet in your house, it is much tougher to clean the floors. That being said, you can possibly save yourself from the high price rate if you get your house cleaned regularly.

In Conclusion

We understand that your life has become so fast and tiring that cleaning your house seems like a big challenge. This is why, whether the average hourly rate is high or low in the UK, hiring a house cleaning expert is a worthwhile investment. If you’re planning to hire a professional cleaner, we recommend you to get quotes from multiple agencies and independent cleaners.

Doing so will allow you to compare the different service providers more efficiently and choose the best one for yourself. If you’re still not sure which option to go for, we recommend trying out a few different cleaners until you find the best one. You don’t have to re-hire a cleaner if their work is not up to the mark.

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